Quality Control

We take strictly Quality Control for you:

Before production:
Raw material selection and inspection, to assure raw materials are qualified.
During production:
Advanced rolling mills and skilled workers, with on-line quality control and inspection.
Finished production:
Certified test is a must for clients to keep confidence on products, and take next step. We follow standards for spot testing or pre-shipment inspection.
Seaworthy packaging:
Excellent packaging is a crucial step for preventing goods from damage during transportation. It guarantees pipe and fittings delivered to clients’ hand as per required quality and surface.

Before production


Raw material quality is assured:
From steel billet and other raw material, chemical components analysis shall be done, in compliance with Standard Specification.
Visual inspection is also taken, to prevent the defects, such as pit, crack, blowhole on surface or subsurface.

During production


Bestar Steel mostly come from PQF mill, the most advanced technology for producing seamless pipe world-wide.
NDT methods shall be applied to examine pipe and fittings, without destroying the serviceability of the sampling, mainly including:
● Eddy current testing
● Magnetic particle testing
● Ultrasonic testing

Finished production


Physical testing is intended to test mechanical properties of steel in compliance with Standard Specification or Clients’ request, mainly including:
Tensile strength test
Yield strength test
Elongation test
Charpy V-notch impact test
Hardness test (BHN, HV, RC, HRB)
Hydrostatic test


The Surface, End, Marking, Packing, Quantity and Weight measurement shall be stricly done before shipment.
A copy of inspection certificate shall be issued by our QC department, in the name of Bestar Steel.

Seaworthy packaging


Normal packing

Sometimes, steel pipe bundles are wrapped by fabric layer to protect surface coating.
Each bundle of pipes is tightened by 8 steel straps, with 3 straps at each end and 2 straps in the middle. Then 2 nylon slings are banded for crane loading.
Pipes under OD508mm are packed by individual bundle. The max diameter of a bundle is 1100mm, with max weight of 2000kg for easy loading.


Wooden box packing

Precision tube, fittings and valves are additional foiled by polyethylene film, and then packed in plywood boxes and pallets.